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Jumla, April 7: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has underlined the human rights scenario in Karnali as being not satisfactory. 


NHRC member Govinda Sharma Poudyal made the remark during an interative programme on 'Current Scenario of Human Rights, Election Monitoring and Challenges' organized by NHRC Sub Regional Office, Jumla on Thursday. 

The Poudyal – led team which arrived in Jumla has insisted on the 'fragile human rights situation'. Although the road construction has brought about simple changes in the civilians' lifestyle it has not made them live a real life, Poudyal shared. 

"When we look deeper, we see that women have cracked and ridged feet, they are becoming mothers at young age with wrinkles; we found men playing cards when women worked by carrying their babies piggyback," he said. 

Poudyal further underlined the delicate human rights situation of women and children than that of men. He opined that the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution had not been felt in the area. 

He said many were forced to die early in absence of the upgradation of the opened road links in Karnali. "When we look at the lifestyle of the people in Mugu and Jumla, the human rights situation of the citizens here is like this, and we wonder how it would be in Dolpa and Humla where there are no transportation facilities," Poudyal emphasized. "We still don't see smiles in the faces of women here," Poudyal added. 

Poudyal was of the opinion that the civilians' human rights are violated regularly due to various practices in Karnali. At the programme, participants vehemently called on the government to come forward to face all the problems and implement the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. RSS 

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