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Do you want to know how to activate the Facebook Care reaction or I Care emoji? Is there a requirement to purchase it? In recent days, millions of users have been searching the Internet for a series of tricks to activate this new smiling emoji hugging a heart; however, not many have been successful. What is the mystery? Is there a way to get it? What do I need to do? Here everything you need to know about

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has the majority of people confined in their homes in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the social network Facebook has introduced a new reaction or emoji to its collection and it is called ‘I Care’ (Care) .

Currently, there are 6 reactions available on the social networking website Facebook. They are: “I like it”, “I love it”, “It amuses me”, “It surprises me”, “It saddens me” and “It makes me angry” “. As announced, Facebook is going to add ” Care ” or “I care” as the seventh Rection. However, this is not available to all the users right now. Facebook is rolling this New I Care Reaction globally gradually. SO far, this has been introduced in certain parts of North America & will be rolled out to other countries gradually.

How to Enable Facebook I Care Reaction
The reactions or Facebook reactions were introduced to enable users to express their feelings & emotion in a variety of ways. Since then, a variety of special reactions have been created, such as the bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, etc. But now, Facebook has released “I care”, a reaction to help the user express their feelings in the days of COVID-19 pandemic.

This I care about Rection has been introduced or rolled out in a few countries but millions of users around the globe are searching the internet about ways to enable Facebook I Care reaction. Some websites & Facebook pages are taking advantage of this situation & peddling fake information to gain views & followers.

For example, some Facebook pages ask their followers that if they write emotional phrases in the comments section & share the post in 5 groups & like their Facebook page, they will get I Care Facebook Reaction enabled on their account. This is false news. They will gain more views & more LIKES but you will not get any Facebook I Care Reaction.

SO how does it work? There is no way to expedite the way to get Facebook I Care reaction. All you have to do is have “patience” (yes, wait), because copying and pasting texts in the comment section will not lead to anything. Facebook has introduced this Care Reaction only in those countries that have been hit hard by COVID-19 i.e Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, among others.

If you try to “copy and paste” a group of positive words, what you will be doing is putting your account at risk because, in the future, Facebook will detect your account as spam & your account will get blocked.

Alexandru Voica, Facebook’s manager of technical communications, has made it clear on Twitter that the new Care reaction will gradually reach the whole world in order to “show extra love and support” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know this is an uncertain time, and we wanted people to be able to show their support so that their friends and family know they are thinking about them. The new reactions of attention on Facebook and Messenger are a way for people to share your support for each other during this unprecedented time, “- Alexandru Voica said on Twitter.

Download “I care” reaction on Facebook Messenger
Facebook I Care Reaction will also be added to Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging app by Facebook. However, the design of the emoji will be different. In the messaging app it will be a beating heart. It will also be activated automatically just like the same icon as in the social network app. Remember that in Facebook Messenger you can also react to messages with “like”, “I love it”, “it amuses me”, “it amazes me”, “it saddens me” and “it makes me angry”.


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