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Canadian Vianka Andrescu has won the US Open tennis title as the first GrandSlam title, defeating U.S. Serena Williams.
The 19-year-old Vianca, who was seeded 8th seed in the New York night match, defeated Serena, 8-2, and 3-6, to win her first Grand Slam title. Vianca only had 5 hours 5 minutes to defeat Serena. Serena has a dream of winning the 8th Grand Slam at the same time as she defeated Vianca.

She also became the first female athlete to win a Grand Slam from Canada. Likewise, he has become the first teenager to win GrandSlam after three. In the 7th Russian Maria Sarapova won the Wimbledon title in the Teenage. Similarly, Sarapova won the UA Open in the 5th.

From the beginning of the set, Vienka says she has been able to win against Serena by playing confident and dreaming this year. 'I am grateful and truly blessed. I've worked hard for this moment. Playing at this stage with Serena is a wonderful thing for me. ' Vianca called out. Here, Serena, who has missed four consecutive titles, said Vianca played an incredible game.

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